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New Classes for Homeschool Students

Do you have a child who would like to become involved in a homeschool martial arts program during the day? Starting this Monday, Sept. 8, … Read More


Kyuki-do Belt Test

It's a good sign when a group of students that are testing are not able to all fit in the studio at the same time. As this was the case, we … Read More


Mr. Huntsman now officially Shodan

The kids got a nice surprise on Thursday during judo class when they got to witness Mr. Huntsman and Mr. Semantko (from AKF Martial Arts of … Read More


We offer training for all skill and age levels in Judo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Kyuki-do and Karate. Our ranks include both nationally ranked competitors and recreational martial artists.

Our instruction is energetic, practical and realistic. You will love the vibe at our studio, where there's no egos and the students take care of each other. You have two weeks to try us out with no commitment or pressure!


Legend Maker IV tournament

Legend Maker IV

Hands down the most fun and least expensive judo and taekwondo tournament in Utah for adults and children! The Legend … Read More


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