Our Program

Judo is a grappling sport that focuses on using leverage and timing to throw an opponent to the ground and / or submit them. Lehi Judo club is a chartered member of USA Judo. Our black belt instructors bring a wide variety of experience to the table and teach a curriculum focused on Olympic judo rules. Because many of our students cross-train in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, we also study judo techniques are legal in other grappling events (but may not be legal in Olympic-style judo), and some ground technique.

While we have a fantastic group of adults, we pride ourselves on our kids instruction. Lehi Judo Club instructors are great at helping kids learn in an encouraging way while at the same time challenging them to improve. Kids classes draw a wide age range and kids train with all different weights and body types in a safe but competitive environment. We’re proud to say that our kids who choose to compete tend to do well in competition.

We also offer certified instruction for the blind and visually impaired and are a proud affiliate of the Utah Foundation for the Blind and Visually Impaired.


If you have more questions, try our FAQ page, or feel free to come in during a class and watch.