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Koushinkai karate has roots in Hokkaido, Japan. Suzuki Yoshio, a high ranking Kyokushin Karate instructor, was unsatisfied with the traditional Karate techniques he felt were being omitted by the Kyokushin system. He sought to fill the void by studying older systems and acquiring the knowledge and technical skills of classical Okinawan Karate. Students were encouraged to study other systems of combative arts and to introduce techniques of value into the system. The result was the creation of a Karate style that combined the virtues of the Kyokushin system with traditional techniques and emphasized practical self-defense over sport. This system of Karate was brought to the United States by students attending BYU. The name of the style, KOUSHINKAI, reflects our intention to maintain the original ideals and attitudes that make us unique.

KOUSHINKAI is also a progressive system, focused on restoring the essence of Karate as it applies to the modern age. The vision of KOUSHINKAI is to introduce a variety of techniques to its students in a way that does not compromise safety. Rather than focusing on competition style sparring, KOUSHINKAI utilizes a system that is both practical and simple for all its students regardless of age, gender, or physical abilities. The training methods promote the physical and technical combative skills required to defend oneself.

People who enjoy studying traditional martial arts and participating in practical self-defense drills will enjoy the type of practices we run. As you progress through the ranks, we hope you will come to realize that these two emphases are one in the same.

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