Testing Requirements

Judo Belt Requirements
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Belt Requirements

Kyuki-do Belt Requirements

New students: To test in Kyuki-do, you must first be registered with the AKF (American Kyuki-do Federation). This is a simple one-time registration with a fee of $40. To register, go to their registration page.

PDF print-out sheets:

 All Kyuki-do Belts

 White Belt

 Yellow Stripe Belt

 Yellow Belt

 Green Stripe Belt

 Green Belt

 Blue Stripe Belt

 Blue Belt

 Brown Stripe Belt

 Brown Belt

 Red Stripe Belt

 Red Belt

 Black Stripe Belt

Belt Forms:


Yellow Stripe



Green Stripe


Blue Stripe


Brown Stripe


Red Stripe


Black Stripe

Judo Belt Requirements

Please register with USA Judo before testing or competing in a judo tournament. This allows us to track your belt ranking as well as gives you insurance coverage. For students 16 and under, the cost is $30. For those above 16, the cost for a new member is $35.

 All Judo Color Belts

Junior Judo Belts

 5th Kyu – Jr. Yellow Belt

 4th Kyu – Jr. Orange Belt

 3rd Kyu – Jr. Green Belt

 2nd Kyu – Jr. Blue Belt

 1st Kyu – Jr. Purple Belt

Senior Judo Belts

 5th Kyu – Sr. Green Belt

 4th Kyu – Sr. Blue Belt

 3rd Kyu – Sr. Brown Belt

 2nd Kyu – Sr. Brown Belt

 1st Kyu – Sr. Brown Belt

Brazilian jui jitsu Belt Requirements

There are no set requirements for Brazilian jui jitsu students to test at our school, nor are you required to sign up with our association. Promotions are very casual and individual (which is the traditional Brazilian way). Our instructors will keep watch at how many class hours you have put in, what tournaments you have competed in and also if you attend the Rigan Machado seminar that we general host at least once a year.

Our best advice is to train regularly, learn as much as you can and the belts will naturally follow. Belts for adults follow these colors: white, blue, purple, brown and black. There are white stripes along with each of those belts. Belt advancement in Brazilian jui jitsu normally takes the longest length of time compared to other styles so stick with it!

If our school ever does go with regimented belt requirements, we will post it here.